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Just Do It Later


A Toy For Procrastinator



There are lots of people who have a "special" habit, which means they like to get all the things done at the last minute.

Who cares about the 3/4?

They spend a lot of time on things that are not directly related to the project. For example, tomorrow is the end date of the dissertation. He may wake up this morning to buy birthday gifts with friends;


Since the procrastinators are not worried about due, why don't we make the last quarter of the time visible before the deadline?


Want to know when there is an exhibition.

Want to know other related knowledge.

Want to know how to get to the art gallery.

Want to know the background of the artist and the work.

Want to know the distribution of works in the gallery.

Want to organize photos automatically and conveniently.

Want to see these accumulated photos after some time.

May give some inspiration in the future.

... ...


This is 


Using your smartphone, scan the works, you will get more information


He likes interesting designs and modern art. When he is free, he likes to take a camera to the street and shoot people in the city. He often goes to see some exhibitions. Every time he takes a picture or looks back at the exhibition, he feels very rewarding and happy.




Virtual Library Map

It was Saturday afternoon, and Andy received a notification. He launched CURATOR, he took a look at the indoor map and check the highlights.

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