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David Ding is a Product Manager / UX designer specializing in interaction, visual, and product innovation, currently based in Shenzhen, China.

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 09 / 2019

 10 / 2020


M.A Interaction Design

 09 / 2013

 07 / 2017


​B. F. A, Product Design / B. A, Finance (Minor)










User Interview


Video Sketch


Territory Map


Stakeholder Map


Service Blueprint


Usability Test



 03 / 2022

12 / 2022



 Product Manager

  • Affiliated to the IoT smart product research and development department, leading and responsible for the research, planning, definition, and iteration of more than 5 new products in multiple product lines according to the strategy and business goals, and 2 products will be launched soon;

  • Combining target market positioning and subdividing target user groups, conducting in-depth research and mining, analyzing product demand and competitive product analysis, finding differentiated competition directions, and building product core competitiveness;

  • Output market & user insights, and product requirements documents, write project reports, business plans, and other related materials, and report to the leadership;


The Beauty of Chinese Characters

2016 Global Youth Design Contest 

 10 / 2020

 04 / 2021


  • Subordinate to the most critical selection live broadcast department, responsible for the design and production of live product materials such as Keynote and other visual materials for Luo Yonghao, Li Dan and other artists;

  • Based on the types of product and features to design and demonstrate product demonstrations to increase sales conversion rate;

  • Check the specifications, prices, sizes and other key information of all broadcast products and modify them in time to ensure that the information is accurate;

  • Discuss the "Advertising Law" and other related live broadcast requirements to review the oral drafts of product descriptions to reduce risks;

  • Summarize practical experience to optimize and improve the work process, written into the employee handbook by SOP, and innovate performance results and standards;

  • Multiple iterations to optimize the slide production template, which can greatly improve work efficiency and accuracy;

  • Handle emergencies and various unexpected needs on-site to ensure the smooth progress of the live broadcast;

  • The cumulative number of design executions exceeded 140. Including large-scale special events such as Anniversary Celebration, New Year's Day, Xiaomi Youpin, Suning, Vipshop, and Netease Yanxuan, etc.

 12 / 2016

 04 / 2017

BAIDU, Inc. LBS Business Department | BEIJING, CHINA

Product Operator Intern

  • Communicate with shopping mall customers to check business information and participate in the project team to maintain more than 3,000 POI (Point Of Infomation ) inspections and corrections across the country, and processed tens of thousands of data with zero errors;

  • Update the mobile terminal shopping mall brand Christmas, New Year's Day, Spring Festival, Valentine's Day New and preferential promotion information during the waiting period;

  • Participated in the discussion and evaluation of the design and business team's marketing activities on the key days of the festival, and provided data support and feedback.

 06 / 2016

 09 / 2016

Infinite Joy Technologies Co,. Ltd. | BEIJING, CHINA


Product Manager Intern

  • The product design and optimization of the mobile application side of the shared toy project helped the project realize the business growth of the past function;

  • Independently complete the development survey of the full-service product line of toys and toy brands, experience and compare competitive software in-depth, study relevant industry reports, business analysis and form reports;

  • Repeated inspections of the original trial version to sort out the user experience process, collect and record bugs, and find and summarize user design pain points and potential needs;

  • Combined with background data, conduct visits and surveys of user representatives to further understand user experience and customer service feedback;

  • Combine usability analysis and design optimization plan, gradually update product prototypes and interactive plans, and output product requirements documents;

  • Optimize the member recharge system, charging value strategy and member rights, and increase the conversion rate and retention rate.


 07 / 2016


Freelance Designer | BEIJING, CHINA

Graphic Designer / Photographer / Copywriter

  • In the form of project cooperation, it has successively provided services such as visual identification system upgrade, packaging design, slide production and optimization, brand planning and logo design, and new media tweet writing for more than ten domestic and foreign corporate customers.

 07 / 2016

 07 / 2017

Exhibition Calendar App-Design | BEIJING, CHINA

Co-Founder / Product Designer

  • Participate in the "XINXING Project" during the undergraduate studies, aiming to provide convenient and substantial information for people who love to watch exhibitions to enhance the exhibition experience;

  • Visiting many art galleries and museums, discussing and communicating with curators and guides and other staff, organizing user interviews and focus groups many times to understand the actual needs of viewing the exhibition from different angles;

  • In the design phase, draw product low-fidelity prototypes and user interfaces and repeated discussions with team members, organize small-scale functional A / B testing and usability testing;

  • Integrate all the design materials to complete the school-level report speech and successfully conclude the topic, thereby generating a stronger interest in design and accumulating valuable research and design experience.

 07 / 2016

 08 / 2016

THU Higher Education Comprehensive Design Basic Teaching Advanced Seminar | BEIJING, CHINA


Project Assistant

  • Prepare and implement the comprehensive design basic teaching high-level research class to ensure the smooth progress of the course; in the recruitment phase, prepare the public account admission article, and make the admission and promotion page for student registration information;

  • Participate in the design of seminar courses throughout the process, independently record the course of teaching materials and the production process of classroom works; 

  • Participate in the whole process of designing the courses of the seminar, and assist in collecting expectations and feedback on the professional teaching and running characteristics of the student's school;

  • Organize all the contents of the course, filming records and students' works, compile and publish the course official account manuscripts every day, edit and interview with the "ZHUANGSHI" magazine and record the students' gains and insights;

About DavidDing.Design

DavidDing.Design is about David’s selected design work mostly in recent years, presenting bigger, integrated, problem-solving-based projects and smaller, just-for-fun, interest-based projects.

Please feel free to contact him if you want to see project iterations.

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